Minecraft Metropolis


Just a few nice pictures of the city since i haven’t posted in a while

Jun 8

The new nightlife district of Alextopia. I modeled it after Tokyo’s Shibuya District thats surrounded by advertisements everywhere. I did it partly just to add a little bit of color to the sometimes bland background of the stoney city

Jun 1

New Tower

So I just decided to upload some photos of one of the new towers that I was constructing

SipsCo HQ in Alextopia

These are just some pics of SipsCo HQ if any of you are fans of the YogsCast.

May 2

Progress Pics

So I just decided to take some progress pics of some of the parks I’ve been working on

New E-SWAT Headquarters and Constabulary Avenue

So Ive been working on this part of the City for quite a while now. You can probably notice the Elmwood Center in the background and the E-SWAT headquarters which dominates the end of the Avenue. There are also two large Alpaca Statues (Pablo & Pedro). The Light Blue rail runs right through the center of the Avenue and later connects with the orange Express Rail. One of the other buildings probably noticeable in the background is the CNN center.

Mar 9

Newly Completed Elmwood Complex

The Newly constructed Elmwood Complex features two towers and a Light Blue Transit Center along with dozens of Exclusive Business Suites. 

So i started some work on some new buildings across from the west elm district, its still very much WIP but ill post some more pics when im done

Feb 8

Started work on the new West Elm neighborhood

So i made a roadmap of Downtown Alextopia as well as a roadmap with an overlay of a more geographically accurate railsystem.